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Rockyfield Farm is situated on 80 mostly wooded acres of rolling hills in eastern Kansas. We are located halfway between Topeka and Lawrence, not far off of I-70, and about an hour from Kansas City.

Along with our 4 daughters, we breed and raise show quality alpacas. We also harvest their gorgeous fleeces yearly, having it made into beautiful yarn and finished products.

We have now planned the breeding for, birthed, and raised 2 of our own COLOR CHAMPIONS!!! We have also acquired multiple time Color Champion Majestic Peruvian Bronson, a herdsire with truly elite fleece.

Alpacas are unusually peaceful and gentle animals. We find the care of them a welcome respite in a busy, preoccupied world. There is nothing like watching energetic little crias, only a few days old, running and jumping together in the sunshine…

Alpacas are intelligent and can be easily taught to lead. They are gentle enough for even children to handle safely. Our alpacas are recipients of lots of hands-on loving care.

Having lived in the country our whole married life, we already knew we loved the lifestyle. We've raised cattle in the past, have horses, but wanted to find an animal that would be easy for girls to handle, and that wouldn't require harming it to make a profit. After researching extensively, we found the perfect answer for our family. It didn't take long to fall in love with those fuzzy, big-eyed, funny humming long-necks.

With my background in fine art I was drawn to their beautiful and luxurious fiber. My husband, with his degree in agricultural business, saw the potential investment and tax advantages. Our daughters just thought they were, well… “cute!”

We have found the training methods of Marty McGee Bennett to work well for us, which focus on building a relationship with our alpacas based on these principles: kindness, respect, efficiency, and fun.

Every one of our alpacas comes from notable lineage. We have the bloodlines of THE: Vengador, Accoyo Godfather, Bueno, Dakotia, Pizarro, Caligula, White Out, Caudillo, Midas Touch, Elever, Hemingway, Legacy, Fabio, Presidio, Felix, Augusto, Guellermo, Yupanqui, NWA LTD The Gentlman, Donovan, Avatar, and more.

Having attended every seminar/course we could fit in to our busy schedule in the past 3 years, we have gained quite a bit of knowledge about the care and husbandry of these wonderful animals. We've learned about training & handling, neo-natal (birthing and assisting in problem births), alpaca farm set up and management, nutrition and reproduction, setting up a profitable fiber business, the fiber co-op model, sorting and skirting fleeces, etc.... Not only has this helped us with our own alpaca business, but it gives us a knowledge base to share with others who might be interested in owning alpacas. We will be there for our customers 24/7 to help in any way we can.

We love to introduce people to our alpacas. Call for a visit!!



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