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Uncharted drakes trail online game

Uncharted: Drake's Trail was an online game located on the official European Uncharted website (now defunct), which serves as a prequel to the events of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. The player takes on the role of a private investigator hired by Elena Fisher to track down Nathan Drake, who Elena. From the [Uncharted Wikipedia page](# Other_media): > Drake's Trail is a now defunct online game. 11 Dec Have you got what it takes to find Nathan Drake? Nathan Drake is on the move, researching the whereabouts of Sir Francis Drake's hidden stash of gold. His trail leads all over the globe and Elena Fisher, presenter of a discovery show called Uncharted, needs your help to track him down. Test your.

Description. This is an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer. Join PlayStation®Plus. This game can be downloaded and is available for play for up to 60 minutes within days of download. To continue playing, you may purchase the full game (requires re-download). At the point of game purchase, your progress will be saved. It is an online game based off the Uncharted video game series and it was on the European Uncharted website but it is no longer there. Uncharted: Drake's Trail WHY WAS EUROPE SO LUCKY? Like, come on: “ Nathan Drake's waterfront apartment is featured in the flash game Uncharted: Drake's Trail. It is located in Key West, Florida. In.

8 Oct Chapter On the Trail of Treasure - Part 4 - Uncharted: Chapter On the Trail of Treasure (cont.) Walk to the window with the symbol on it and Nate will open it in a cutscene. Turns out Sully had. Players were hooked into the game from posters and online banners. Seeding game-related forums, review sites and a big presence on Sony's PS3-related pages also got gamers talking, driving them to the UNCHARTED homepage, and from there to our Drake's Trail game. Sony really got behind it, throwing in a good few.


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