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Double click on the downloaded file and just follow the instructions. Everything is automatic. The WampServer package is delivered whith the latest releases of Apache, MySQL and PHP. Once WampServer is installed, you can manually add aditionals Apache, Php or MySql (only VC9, VC10 and VC11 compiled) versions. The only component of WAMP that uses PHP is Apache. Hence it is a standard installation procedure, same as any Apache on Windows. Nearly the same on all os. Download PHP4 for Windows. Install or Unzip PHP-files in a PHP-folder like c :\php. Stop Apache. Edit Apache: Replace PHP5 with PHP4. 10 Jul In previous post I explain about install wampserver. This step only install php5 not php4, to add php4 support in wampserver php4 add on must installed first. Here's sthe steps: 1. Double click php4 add-on installer 2. Choose destination folder, in previous step I choose C 2. Click Install 2. Installing in.

6 May Installing PHP 4 on Wamp is actually very simple, just like everything else. You can grab the PHP 4 add-on for Wamp from here: You will also need to grab the add-on for Apache x server ( since the x versions don't work with PHP 4) from here. This page lists tools, add-ons and howtos by subject. Just to be clear on what I am talking about, here is a brief Patch - requires making changes to Postfix source code. Howto - examples of using add-on software with Postfix. groupware suite written in PHP. Squirrelmail PHP4 based system. OpenWebmail system. 5 Oct PHP4HS/Asp4Hs is the spot for people using HomeSite for PHP or ASP (Active Server Pages) development to find help and to exchange add-on extensions, This manual set was converted from the current PHP(4) manual XML to html, then the files were rearranged into subdirectories to ease use.

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