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18 Jul — package for algorithms release (c) Christophe Fiorio, Tu-Berlin, Germany. (c) Christophe Fiorio, LIRMM, Montpellier University, France. Report bugs and comments to @umontpellier. fr [email protected] mailing list for. Algorithm2e is an environment for writing algorithms. An algorithm becomes a floating object (like figure, table, etc.). The package provides macros that allow you to create different keywords, and a set of predefined key words is provided; you can change the typography of the keywords. The package allows vertical lines. Somehow algorithm2e has \KwTo but not \KwBy. It is easy to define it, however: \ documentclass{article} \usepackage{algorithm2e} \pagestyle{empty} \SetKw{ KwBy}{by} \begin{document} \begin{algorithm} \For{$i\gets0$ \KwTo $8$ \KwBy $ 2$}{ Do something } \end{algorithm} \end{document}. enter image.

Typesetting using the algorithmic package; Typesetting using the algorithm2e package; Typesetting using the algorithmicx package; Typesetting using the program package. 2 The algorithm environment. Algorithm numbering; List of algorithms; An example from the manual. 3 References. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{epsfig} %\usepackage{algorithm2e} %\ usepackage[linesnumbered]{algorithm2e} %\usepackage[linesnumbered,ruled]{ algorithm2e} \usepackage[linesnumbered,ruled,vlined]{algorithm2e} \title{ Example of how to use Algorithm2e} \author{Robert Woodward} \begin{document } \maketitle. Algorithm2e is an environment for writing algorithms in LATEX2e. An algorithm is defined as a floating object like figures. It provides macros that allow you to create different sorts of key words, thus a set of predefined key words is given. You can also change the typography of the keywords. You can subscribe to.

environment that put algorithm at the end. algoendfloat environment make. % algorithm acting as endfloat figures. This option requires endfloat packages. % * ADD: OPTION norelsize: starting from this release (v), algorithm2e package uses. % relsize package in order to get relative size for lines numbers; but it seems. CHANGE: caption, when used with figure option, is no more controlled by algorithm2e package. % and so follows the exact behaviour of figures. The drawback is that you cannot change. % the typo with AlTitleFnt or CapFnt. The avantage is that if you use caption package,. % it works. % * FIX: problem with numbering line. Compatibily with other packages improven by changing name of internal macros. Algorithm2e can now be used with almost all package, as elsart, hermes, arabtex for example, if this last is loaded after algorithm2e package. So, at this time, has few known compatibility problem with other packages. The packages or classes.


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