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rTorrent related settings. Sample config entries; Peers and slots. Definitions; Assigning the right values; Memory impact. Max memory usage setting; Reduce disk usage. Send and receive buffer size; Preloading pieces; Max open files; Disk allocation; Session save. Disable built-in DNS cache. System wide settings. 29 Dec Current number of active HTTP requests (for tracker announces and downloads t files), and the maximum. [U 3/14] Current number of upload slots in use , and the maximum, which depends on the global upload rate limit. [S 6/40/] The three numbers represent handshakes/open sockets/max. 14 Jun rTorrent [Throttle off/off KB] [Rate / KB] [Port: ] [U /0] [D /0] [H 0/] [S 21//] [F /]. Thoughts? It sounds/ looks like rTorrent is reading larger chunks than needed for each piece request from each seed slot. That would suggest the problem is actually in.

I have a dedicated server with a weak CPU so it's better for me to download a small number of torrents at once than lots. 1 Jan For the sake of this example, lets say you want to increase the number of clients you can upload to. This way you can share with as many people as possible. We will change the amount of upload slots to 50 clients each getting 2KB/sec. The value you specify for "upload_rate" in file will be. 31 Aug hi folks I have another problem with rutorrent after fixing RSS options new problem come our for example when I download 10 torrent same time even IM not using my conneciton for others programs my download and upload speed % 50 drop I mean witrh torrent Im downloading 40 mb/s and when.

19 Nov Hi there, I'm having a weird problem with rtorrent (via the webui). It seems to ignore the "Number of download slots:" setting (under 'Connection') and inst. Does anyone know if it's possible to limit the number of simultaneous downloads in rtorrent? For example, if I have 5 active leeching torrents, can I have just 2 running at any given time, with the other 3 only being started once a download slot is free? I can only find an option for download connection slots. One of the few torrent cliens with no such of this problem is deluge (http://deluge- ). With deluge, for one torrent with kB/s upload limit and 50 slots/ torrent, the seeding is for 50 peers with aprox. equal speed ( kB/s). But deluge for Windows (it was developed for Linux) is not so stable like.


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